Entering into 2016, the SkEye team has formed goals, resolutions, and wishes that we’d like to achieve this year.  This morning, I was at a Toastmasters meeting, and we discussed steps that people can take to help make their goals become realities.  One of the proposed solutions was to make them public: Shout from rooftops.  Tell your friends.  Write them down!  That being said, the five of us have compiled a list of some of our individual and collective goals for 2016.

  • I want to be known as the premier video production company on the West Side (of the Portland metro area), if not the whole metro area.
  • I wish to have an intern or two to learn from and nurture in their development as professionals.
  • I wish that Beat Feet will find a large audience in a successful film festival run and distribution.
  • I want to create one creative project next year that is not client-based, but only from the minds and talents of SkEye Studios individuals.
  • I wish that our internship program is a huge success, and that our interns are able to complete videos with 3 different non-profits on their own.
  • I hope we at SkEye Studios are able to astound and encourage our community of loyal friends and followers with films and media that are increasingly beautiful, powerful, and genuine.
  • I hope we set goals that aren’t too lofty…  But… Eh who cares, I hope we make the next Schindler’s List.
  • I wish to find a client whose needs give us the opportunity to travel to somewhere exotic.
  • I wish that The Rock responds to my emails, letters, and phone calls with an enthusiastic agreement to be the starring spokesperson in SkEye’s next commercial.
  • I want to make a friend. Like a real one, not one that sits in a pot by the window all day and requires watering.
  • I hope to learn how to leave the office by 5pm.

Have you made goals yet?  New Year resolutions?  What are your tips for keeping and/or achieving them?  As we check things off this list, we’ll be keeping you posted.  I can’t say too much yet, but there are a few projects in the works that you’ll be pretty excited about.  I’m thrilled because I can already see that we’ll be able to reach and surpass some of these goals!

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