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Let’s get something straight. Despite our bad rap as daydreaming, uncultured hipsters that can’t write in complete sentences, the fact of the matter is that millennials are wicked smart. Yup, it’s true. The same emoji addicted culture that spend their time playing video games is also the most educated generation in history with both high school, bachelors, and masters degrees continuing to rise.  (Why playing video games might make you smarter.) 76% of millennials want to be informed on specific topics. 75% want to learn things in general to become smarter.  

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So here’s the deal. There’s good news and there’s bad news for businesses marketing to millennials. The bad news: Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. A whopping 85% of us won’t care about the money you spend on television ads, billboards, newspaper ads (what’s a newspaper again?), and print flyers.  Pop-up ads? Nope. 70% of our digital savvy generation uses adblockers. (Get on the ad-blocking train.) We’ll even be too busy looking down at our smartphones to be affected by that fancy sign you spent hours putting up on your storefront.



But never fear, there is good news: Millennials trust experts.  Millennials are 44% more likely to trust experts-even strangers-than advertisements. We don’t want the pushy salesman or ads, we want the experts who we can trust.

CASE IN POINT: Some experts that have risen in popularity to become millennial household (well…apartment) names: astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson, journalist & mogul Arianna Huffington, nutritionist Michael Pollan.  Click the names to follow these rockstars on Twitter. You’ll feel smarter almost instantly.

And millennials, being the digitally savvy explorers we are, will take the time to find experts, spending time researching the best businesses to sink our hard earned cash into. As research-obsessed consumers, we’re 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs or social networking sites when making purchasing decisions. 73% of millennials would agree that they are making smarter brand choices than their parents because of their knowledge, familiarity and access to digital information.



  • overwhelm with information

Beef up your website, blog, and social media channels with as much info, statistics, graphics, history, and specs as possible. Not only will this help your website & channels pop up quicker in search engines, but it will engage the information obsessed millennial and built trust & loyalty.

WHO’S DOING IT WELLGeneral Electric. With their catchy “imagination at work” slogan, this ultra-successful digital industrial company bombards consumers with a constant flow tech & software information, solidifying them as experts in their field.

  • think do-it-yourself

There’s nothing the average millennial doesn’t love about a good old do it yourself project. Where do we go to find the best nuggets of DIY info? Youtube. We love youtube. (Find out how much.) Pick out the information your business can provide that will engage and motivate consumers to get involved and follow you as an expert.

WHO’S DOING IT WELL: Sephora. Sephora keeps it current with an updated daily youtube channel full of the beauty & make-up tips that millennials crave. Tutorials and how-tos are also posted prominently on their website, giving information to consumers before pushing their products.
  • learn to love the tweet

Twitter was built for information. If you’re not on twitter, sign up. If you don’t use it frequently, start. If you don’t use it as a way of marketing yourself as an expert, get on it. Doling out information in nice little 142 character sharable chunks is the perfect way to engage millennials with your brand.

WHO’S DOING IT WELL: NASA. NASA kills it on their twitter, with thousands of separate twitter accounts (with followers in the millions) for individual stations, astronauts, and even the Mars Rover. They make the complexities and distsance of space relatable and interesting for the average consumer.



Like what you’re reading? We hope so. But then, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Because the coolest thing about establishing yourself as an expert is that it’s free!  All the tips above are easily done by not shelling out big bucks, but by doing what comes naturally — being an expert in your field. And that, in our millennial opinion, is totally cool.

Written by Margaret Anderson

As SkEye’s resident digital media guru, Margaret manages the interwebs with jedi-like precision. With a love for all things social, Margaret is SkEye’s genuis social media manager & tenacious inbound marketer.

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