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Beat Feet Documentary Premiere – Spokane, Wash.

Beat Feet Documentary Premiere - Spokane, Wash.

As many of you know, our company decided to begin following Scotty Smiley on his journey to becoming an Ironman last March. But what some of you didn’t know is that last week we premiered our first documentary, Beat Feet: Scotty Smiley’s Blind Journey to the Ironman, to a packed house at the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane, Washington.  We had 550 people join us for the first private screening of the film.  The most popular question of the night was “When can we see it again?” The answer to that depends on where you live. However, our goal is to have it available to people all over the world as soon as possible.

The evening featured appetizers by Black Tie Catering, craft beers by River City Brewing, photos by our own Patrick and Jacob, and impeccable hosting by the Bing Theater staff.

Showing several months of intense work is a bag of mixed feelings.  Proud, nervous, excited, anticipation, crazy, whirlwind, fulfilling, and relief are all words that describe how the SkEye team felt before, during, and after that evening.

This documentary has found a home in our hearts and the hearts of many who have had the opportunity to see it.  You can’t help but feel inspired by Scotty and Andy’s accomplishment and the unwavering support of their friends and family.  Finding the strength to “beat feet” and to go the extra mile is a challenge that has energized us, individually and as a team.  It is evidenced in the long hours spent organizing footage, meticulously melding sound to shots and antagonizing over crafting Scotty’s story into something that resonates with many.  

Beat Feet is a not-for-profit project.  Rather, it was the fulfillment of a dream and the start of what we hope to be a long-standing tradition of telling stories that inspire and speak to the soul.  The evening of the premiere, we raised over $6,000 alone.  We are still accepting donations that will fund the post-production and additional screenings of the documentary.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Beat Feet Foundation, the sponsor of this project.  Online donations are possible through the crowd-funding platform, Generosity.  We also check our mailbox regularly and love finding checks!

School Launches Capital Campaign to Raise $4 Million

School Launches Capital Campaign to Raise $4 Million

We have undertaken another school capital campaign, this time for St. John Fisher School in Portland, Oregon. This campaign aims to raise $4 Million to build a new parish center and make some much needed renovations to their school buildings. It is a worthy project that we were excited to be a part of! Capital campaigns can utilize video because of their ability to share their message on social media and spread to much greater audience than what can be reached on the day of the event. In this video, St. John Fisher alumni explain the community and fellowship that was a part of their experience at the school. Watch the video here!



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Carmelites’ video ready to increase vocations to religious life

We joined up with the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Western Province to create an informational video to be shown at their fundraising event. Fundraiser videos can be used in the place of a keynote speaker, or to supplement the content. They can also include clients, customers, or patients giving their testimonial that are unable to be at the actual event.

For this video, we highlighted the day-to-day life and purpose of those in the Carmelite order. We also incorporated some low-altitude aerial shots to wow the audience with the views from the group’s house of study. Check it out below!

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The purpose of Juan Diego Women’s Center hits YouTube

The St. Juan Diego Women’s Center recently launched their landing page video to increase traffic to their website. Landing page vidoes are a great way to guarantee that your site visitors receive your message instead of scrolling and clicking away. It is also a great way to represent organizations like the St. Juan Diego Women’s Center who want to convey their empathy and passion for their clients. Video offers a personable nature to your page that just can’t be met with written text. In this video, the women’s center shares how they offer education and resource referrals to women in the Bay Area in most need of support or undergoing crisis pregnancies. It was great to get to increase their internet presence and hopefully multiply the wonderful work that they have been doing. View their landing page video below.

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Banquet dinner video at the core of Habitat for Humanity

SkEye Studios recently added another chapter of Habitat for Humanity International to it’s list of clients. We’ve had the great opportunity to shoot the Fundraiser Banquet video for “Habitat for Humanity Palouse.” What we loved particularly about producing this video was how it really struck at the core of their mission. Many families today who make a decent income can’t afford a home. Palouse - Habitat for Humanity steps in to help these families by giving them a “hand-up” rather than a “hand-out.” Through volunteers and donations, they offer partner families the ability to afford a decent home, and an even larger stake in the house through “sweat equity.” To learn more about Palouse - Habitat for Humanity, watch the video that premiered in April at their Beans n’ Jeans Fundraiser Banquet.

Establishing a Family Justice Center for Survivors of Domestic Violence

One of our specialties is telling the stories of non-profit organizations, many of which do very important work in our community. One such organization is the Domestic Violence Resource Center of Washington County, which is in the process of launching a new Family Justice Center.

Through the process of developing and filming the video about the new Family Justice Center, we learned that the problem of domestic violence is much too common in our communities. What makes the FJC so amazing, is that it unites counselors, teachers, judges, lawyers, law officers, doctors, and so many other people of various backgrounds, who come together under one roof to help fix the problem of domestic violence.

We had the opportunity to interview the founders of the FJC model, along with a local judge, district attorney, police chief, and even a mayor, all of whom are involved in bringing this new center to life.

You can view our video for the Family Justice Center of Washington County on our youtube channel.