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We millennials grew up with technology. Though we try not to brag about, the truth is, we’re a digital savvy and native generation.  85% of us own smartphones and, on average, have access to seven devices on a daily basis. And we don’t just have the toys, we use them, spending a whopping 18 hours a day consuming media. That time is spent surfing websites, reading blogs, posting on social media, sharing, liking, pinning, tweeting, snapping… well, you get the idea. We grew up with it after all.


85% of millennials own smartphones and, on average, have access to 7 devices on a daily basis.… Click To Tweet


As a business, if you aren’t part of the online conversation, you won’t be heard. We’re not just talking about having a website, we’re talking about using real, current technology and social media platforms to reach your customers. Having a significant presence online is no longer a recommendation as a marketing technique, it’s a necessity. Where to start? Here are three must-dos to check off in the quest to becoming digitally native:

  • First Date Impressions

An easy and often over-looked step in ensuring that your business is millennial friendly is making your website mobile friendly. Chances are good that a millennial’s first impression of your business will be seeing your website on that cute little smartphone glued to their hand. And when that impression is a mess of scrambled menus and weirdly resized stock photography, their first impression won’t be good. Mobile is the only media platform where time spent is growing. Mobile adoption is expected to increase from 50% to 73% by 2018.  So pull up your website on your smartphone and rate it’s look and functionality. If you’re rating is less than 5 perfect gold stars, put getting your website mobile friendly at the top of your list.  (9 tips to skip your way to mobile-friendly fields.)

WHO’S DOING IT WELLL’Oreal Paris.  With their Planet L’Oreal mobile, this makeup conglomerate ensures that all their info & tutorials are set up in a responsive and glamorous mobile experience.

  • Get That Second Date

If your website is your first impression, social media is the outfit you wear on the second date. With 71% of millennials engaging in social media daily, that second impression is important. So many businesses have half-hearted profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and it can only hurt them in reaching millennials. Go through your channels and ensure you have an accurate description, a consistent header and profile image, and correct contact information on all of your pages.  If millennials like how your business is represented, they’ll respond. Millennials are 2.5 times more likely than other generations to share social media links that reference brands. 52% of millennials use their mobile devices on social media to note that they like a brand.  Capture those likes by having a consistent and attractive social media look for your business.

WHO’S DOING IT WELL: Spotify. Spotify has a huge millennial audience and a slick, identifiable, hipster-like style that’s consistent between all their social media channels.

  • Meet the Parents (aka Google)

We all know that Google is king (or queen, let’s be fair) when it comes to web presence and search rankings.  Think of Google as the parents that hold the sway before you can woo your consumers.  An easy way to get the best out of google rankings is to make sure your Google My Business profile is complete and up to date. This includes verifying your business (postcard style) and ensuring you have good customer reviews. Getting the right address & reviews is especially important for those local searches-usually hit up by millennials on the go-and getting all the right info on Google Maps. Follow the steps you need to get on Google’s best side, you won’t regret it.

WHO’S DOING IT WELL: Everyone. If you aren’t on Google, do you really exist? Think about it.

Follow these tips and you are well on your way of wooing those hard to impress digitally savvy millennials. And don’t worry, we try and play hard to get, but we’re absolutely open to loving your brand and business…forever. If you treat us right of course. 

Written by Margaret Anderson

As SkEye’s resident digital media guru, Margaret manages the interwebs with jedi-like precision. With a love for all things social, Margaret is SkEye’s genuis social media manager & tenacious inbound marketer.

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