Three Things Star Wars Can Teach You About Your Small Business Video

When one goes about planning the video they want to represent their small business, their first thought is most likely not to reference the high-budget and widely popular Star Wars blockbuster franchise for inspiration.  For what can Wookies, lightsabers, and the Millennium Falcon really have to do with creating a dynamic and interesting small business video?  More than you may think.  And with over 96% of consumers finding video helpful when making purchase decisions, having a stellar video for your small business is a must.  So hit the hyperdrive, use the force, and follow me through three Jedi-approved lessons you can learn for your next small business video.


A New World

There is no denying that a huge reason the Star Wars movies are so popular is that George Lucas (and the creative minds behind him) introduced a new world that moviegoers hadn’t seen before.  It was a vast, complex, and awe-inducing world full of new sights, ideas, and Death Stars.



So how can your business create their own exciting galaxy far far away?  By showing your customers the specific, intricate, and unique “world” of your business.  Use your video as a way of taking your customers behind the scenes into a part of your business that they’ve never seen before.  

Does your business build bicycle parts?  Shoot an engaging tour, not of your showroom, but of your workshop.  Does your business sell cars?  Move past the car lot to highlight the inner relationships and personality of one of your top salespeople.  77% of consumers consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers.  Every business has their own unique world, with their own unique characters, and if you can highlight that, you’ll be showing your customers what they’ve never seen before-leading them to be engaged, interested, and connected to your business in a new way.



Color Matters

The average person has no trouble remembering that all the baddies in Star Wars (Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and the teenage mini-Vader in the latest movie) have red lightsabers.  Why did the filmmakers choose this color?  Because the color red symbolizes many traits of the Dark Side: anger, strength, power, passion.  This symbolism hits most of us subconsciously, but it is undeniable that different colors can make us feel different things.  Don’t believe me?  Think how different it would feel if Darth Vader’s lightsaber was not red but pink.  Suddenly the big old baddie doesn’t seem so bad.

Chances are that as a business owner you know the colors of your business and use them often in your branding, newsletters, and print materials.  Don’t forget them in your video!  The impact of your video will be more than the text of your newsletter or the copy on your website.  Research shows that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.  So it’s imperative that the mood, personality, and colors of your video match the rest of your marketing.

So, ask yourself: what color is my logo?  What color are my uniforms?  What color are the walls of my business?  What colors or backgrounds will convey the emotions I want my customers to feel?   If you’re a family-friendly business that wants to convey warmth and approachability, you shouldn’t show up to the shoot in a black polo shirt and shoot in front of a black chalkboard.  If you’re an environmentally friendly tech company, you’d want to highlight the associations people have between the colors green and blue with the environment and technology.  Color can be an easy way to influence how your customers feel when they watch your video.




When you ask someone what their favorite thing about the Star Wars movies are, they don’t usually say something like “I thought the story as a whole was cohesive and impressive and I liked how the scenes fit together to form the big picture.”  Instead they say: “I loved it when the Millennium Falcon escaped from Tatooine,” or I laughed so hard when Solo said, “Let the Wookie win.”  What people love about Star Wars, and all good films, are moments.  Though you need good story structure and a cohesive plot to tell a good story, what people remember are the moments that stood out to them.

The same applies to videos on any scale.  You want a customer watching the video to walk away with a strong moment that they’ll not just remember an hour later but a week or month later.  Video is shared 1200% more times than links and text combined.  What moment can you create that would prompt people to click that share button?  You most likely won’t have an Ewok or Imperial Star Destroyer in your video, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a lasting moment. 

In the homepage video SkEye created last year for iTech Painting (see below), a certain shot/moment has stayed in the mind of consumers and is talked about by those that watch the video.  It is of owner Ryan Whipple watching his daughter laughing on a playground slide as he talks about being a family man.  And because that moment stays with consumers, it instantly associates iTech Painting with a family friendly business.  The most shared video content is 89% Educational, 91% Heartwarming, and 94% Humorous.  So when you think through the video you want to make for your business, highlight what images and moments can move beyond just an advertisement of your business but what can be educational, heartwarming, or humorous.



So there you have it.  Three lessons you can learn from Star Wars to create an engaging and exciting video for your small business.  And as you venture into the video creating world, we say sincerely from our SkEye family to yours…may the force be with you!


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